If you are part of the majority who don´t like going to the gym, then the answer has arrived to Norwich. The EMS Fitness Studio has recently opened on King Street in the style of a boutique fitness studio.

When you are starting off on your fitness journey you may prefer something a little more individual and personalised. Well, you’re not the only one. As many people are beginning to shy away from mass exercise arenas, a new vogue for boutique fitness studios is taking shape in the US, and is now coming over here to the UK.

What is a Boutique Fitness Studio?

These gym enclaves are often found in uncharacteristic places off the beaten track. Converted warehouse space or old shops can house these studios, which usually feature professional gym equipment without the pressures of the gym environment. Boutique fitness studios are more exclusive and the environment is single and not shared.

Small and selective, the boutique studio is characterised by the one on one care offered by a personal trainer. Free from distraction, your exercise schedule can remain focused and energised.

Why Use a Boutique Fitness Studio

There are several reasons why people are moving away from gym culture and towards the boutique studio. Some of the clearest benefits include:

Never waiting for equipment – such as someone doing a set of mega repetitions on the squat rack whilst you simply want to crunch out a couple of quick ten sets.

Your choice of music – rather than the standard 2015 dance mix tape that seems to be the staple sonics of choice on most common gyms.

Free from the fear – don’t worry about how you appear to other people. When you are getting started the gym may appear quite intimidating. Without other people there, you can relax into your own schedule.

No disturbances – your trainer won’t have to pause your session to be polite to other clients when they pop over to say hello or change the time of their next session.

No worries about failure – never have to raise a single concern about trying an exercise and not being able to complete it properly. Want to go for a bigger weight? Give it a go and if you can’t manage 2 repetitions, who cares?

The EMS Fitness Studio

If you would like to try personal training where your trainer is giving you their 100% attention, then EMS fitness offers you an excellent alternative to the conventional larger gyms that can be found all over the city.

Situated in a convenient part of the city centre, with parking spaces for those that need to travel in, this is the perfect option for people who want to be held accountable and seeing results.

Featuring two rooms – one a conventional gym set up, and the other the Electrical Muscle Stimulation studio (a full body workout in only 20 minutes) – this is the place to find the individual care and personal attention you deserve.