You can safely sail through January on the back of your resolutions. February is where you start to make the money however in terms of getting into a new schedule and making sure those habits really lock in.

You might be looking out of the window, thinking that the snow and rain is too much to handle. But guess what? There’s nothing more satisfying than going out and mentally beating down the cold and wet and blasting through an outodoor workout. It’s not something you may want to do every day – but when it comes to racking up the challenge… It gives you that extra gear or level of success.

And remember if you’re in Tier 4, you are allowed to get out there with your trainer (Sarah from EMS has been doing this regularly, so more power to her) and can fight through these dark and murky times together.

Did you know that there are actually even more benefits to getting out in February?

  • You’re gonna burn more calories – when your body is cold, it takes more energy to warm it up. For those who paid attention at school we’re talking basic thermodynamics. Your body is forced to generate more warmth, blasting through those stores of fat and muscle glycogen.


  • Cold, fresh air – you’ve been sitting in the flat, breathing in the dry, stale air. Get out there and ventilate your body with a few good gasps of the good stuff. Even better if you can get out in the middle of nature, in a park or on the beach close to your home. Spending time in nature reduces stress and if you can get friends to join – more power to you.


  • Immune benefits – believe it or not a sensible level of exercise during the cold months of February can actually boost your immune system and help you ward off all kinds of viruses (we can’t comment about COVID though). Studies show this exercise increases leukocytes and granulocytes (essential immune cells) – but as with everything in life, practice moderation too.


Xavi Gomez’s tips for a cold workout…

Believe it or not Xavi has been running around all January – so he’s got some real world advice on what’s working right now in the world of fitness…

  • Spend more time warming up – training in the cold means muscles take longer to warm up. Give yourself the right attention during warm up to avoid injury.


  • Watch your breath – inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Keep your pace consistent and move the air around the nasal mucosa and the mouth, giving it time to warm up.


  • Wear light layered clothing – with waterproofs on the outside. Remember to try to find swear porous garments and use layers so you can adjust as your temperature rises whilst protecting you from the harsher weather.


  • Scarves and hats – prevent heat from leaving your body with a little insulation around your neck and on your head. Too much exposure could see you get run down and catch a chill.


  • Strengthen your defences – and eat a balanced diet. Don’t do anything crazy like fasting or heavy dieting if you’re going to work out in the outdoors. Make sure you’ve got the energy and sustenance in you to do so…


And of course, if you want the backing of a top fitness team to carry you through your workouts then get in touch with the gang at EMS. Xavi, Bea, Georgia, Jordan and Sarah are waiting to give you the support and schedules you need to stay in shape throughout the next few months.