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At EMS Fitness we aim to improve health and physical performance through a giving nutritional advice and daily physical activity.

To achieve this, we advise to eat real food and as natural as possible!  We believe in food rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, quality proteins, healthy fats and fiber. Fresh and seasonal products, which have been minimally processed giving our body what it really needs to stay healthy and strong.

A growing number of people currently base their diets on packaged foods with large amounts of chemicals, additives, bad fats, sugar, processed products without any nutrients.

In fact, coupled with poor physical activity, daily stress and lack of sleep is contributing to the loss of health of the general population, and increasing a large number of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol and cancer.

Our main goal is to provide nutritional education to our clients to help them develop healthy habits that are maintained over time. This will improve their health by helping them steer clear of getting certain diseases, as well as helping our clients achieve a healthy weight which they feel confident to maintain.

During the EMS Fitness nutritional consultation, we advise the client on the most appropriate foods, uncover the truth about fad diets, prepare a weekly menu, provide healthier options and recipes related to what you generally like eating.  We give our clients confidence when choosing the healthiest option for any event, holiday or any situation in their day to day lifestyle.

We try to explain nutrition from a simple and easy point of view, banishing certain preconceived myths and ideas.

The area of nutrition encompasses all stages of life, from children, adolescents, seniors, pregnant women, athletes adapting in each case the diet to individual needs and requirements.

At EMS Fitness, we begin with a dietary review to see how food is aiding your energy throughout the day and contributing to your overall levels of health.

Alongside our understanding of how the body breaks down different types of food, we provide you with sets of small challenges to get you towards that all-important lifestyle change.

Now you know more about the EMS Fitness approach to nutrition, get in touch to see how much you can benefit from our advice!