In 2019 we looked at healthy dinners, lunches and breakfasts. Of course, with drinking rapidly losing popularity and more people watching films at home – the number one night or afternoon out is now going into our vibrant city centre for a bite to eat. With so many small owner-run and independent restaurants we’re spoiled for places to eat.

If you’re feeling naughty there’s plenty of burgers and red meat powered establishments around – and we’re not adverse to a little bite of something you fancy every once in a while. However, there’s a world of choice in Norwich that delivers top notch grub with a really healthy edge. What are our top 6 picks that combine dangerous more-ish meals that won’t leave you piling on the calories?


Get Hawaiian inspired superfoods with a whole load of taste that’s comes without having to compromise on the calories. Fresh salads, poke bowls and smoothies dominate a menu that’s full of sunshine and goodness. Get inspiration to take home too – this is the kind of establishment that shows you how good food doesn’t have to be boring and can be every bit as tasty as some of the less ethical alternatives. And you’ll enjoy the location in the old part of Norwich giving you a lovely vista as you dine. Our recommendation is the poke lunch bowl and the divine green smoothie.


Despite salt being one of those substances dieticians are often telling you to stay away from, Salt the eatery in Norwich is one place you should go. This “mostly made from scratch kitchen” is run by head chef and owner Jamie Garbutt. With a philosophy and brand that’s built on eat good, feel good and do good you can expect well made, thoughtful food that gives you a ton of options to be healthy and eat well.

The Green Grocers

One of Earlham road’s best kept secrets, tucked into the shopping centre right up in the north west corner. A companion to the delicatessen you can find all kinds of well made, organic and sustainable foodstuffs without any compromise on flavour or presentation, from the famous breakfasts that will leave you smiling and satisfied through to our favourite healthy vegan curries. Everything here has been sourced from ethical producers with a focus on the future of the planet – allowing your conscience to truly rest easy after a good feed up here.

Wild Thyme

Take vegetarian to the next level at Wild Thyme which combines a clever and elegant restaurant experience with quality and truly tasty vegetarian and vegan victuals. 100% Meat and Fish free means that you get to stay away from the salty and buttery staples of most restaurants – whilst still getting you hands on a menu packed with taste. Expect locally and responsibly sourced food that comes from sustainable farms and suppliers – allowing you to be kind to the planet, whilst you’re being kind to your body, heart and health.


Championing the fish, vegetable and fermented food staples of the Japanese diet, Soyokaze promotes dishes that are based around lean proteins, varied vegetable nutrients and smaller portions of rice. You won’t find much processed food here as everything is allowed to stand on its own flavour creating a rich and delightful menu that’s low in calories and full of taste. Experience fantastic sashimi and delicious sushi when you’re watching your intake and there’s all the fun of teriyaki and tempura when your want a treat.


Dig into an explosion of Mediterranean cuisine at Benoli. You’ll get the benefits of seafood and olive oil delivering healthy unsaturated fats and cholesterol that’s great for your heart and omega 3 oils. Expect dishes dashed with fruits, vegetables and legumes with dairy products and a small amount of red meat if that’s what you fancy. As with all the restaurants on our list, this is another independent restaurant that uses local produce to create stunning dishes packed with sophisticated tastes. If you like Italian and want to eat healthy then this really is the place to go.

And After the Restaurant

When you’re done eating it’s time to exercise. After a suitable rest get down to EMS Fitness where we’ll put on a full menu of workouts sprinkled with kettlebells, strength and conditioning training and a whole load of cardio. It’s one of the best fats and weight reducing establishments out there – and if you come and talk to our owner, Xavi Gomes – then he’ll make something special just for you. Because looking good, feeling great and getting fit is one dish that’s simply irresistible.