Let’s make no bones about it. This year has been tough for anyone serious about personal training and healthy gym work. You probably know at the back of your mind that the diet has slipped a little and with the holiday season in front of us – there’s a real danger you might ruin the physique you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Is the gym the solution to this problem? Or could a personal training studio actually be the better solution?

The gym is a great place to work out. There’s tons of machines and that have the ability to support all kinds of different programmes. But you must have experience and knowledge of what’s available. It’s all too easy even for serious fitness heads to get lost in the gym – there’s so many options to choose from. And with many gyms only offering introductory training sessions, you can really get stuck only using the machines and routines you already know in the gym.

Kieron – one of the people who has been coming to EMS fitness for many years recounts his time down at some of the city gyms. He remembers struggling to find machines that he really knew how to use – ending up on the cross trainers and bikes because he had no clear plan of what he wanted to achieve, and more importantly, no idea of how to use the machines and facilities to work towards a goal.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Gyms and equipment are only ever one half of the equation. If you want to achieve real results you need to know how each piece of equipment trains, exercises and pushes you towards that objective. This is where a personal trainer is worth his weight in gold. Firstly, they’re going to ask you what you want from fitness – and then build a programme that not only gives you what you want, but also keeps things interesting and challenging along the way.

Personal trainers work best in a personal training centre.

What is a personal training centre? Imagine a gym that’s all about you. Yes, there are reduced facilities when compared to some of the bigger institutions in town. You’re not going to be able to go to Zumba on a Thursday night nor step or spin classes. However, what you get instead is the full focus of a Personal Trainer who is centred on you and your goals. There might even be less machines and weights, but guess what? You’re going to find out a thousand different ways to use barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells with a level of personal instruction that’s consistently challenging and exciting.

What’s better for you? Gym or personal training centre?

To answer this question, the first place we have to start is with you.

Are you getting back into the gym? Do you need accountability? Are you still not sure what machines are good for training which individual muscles? If you find yourself answering yes to most of these questions – then get down to a personal training centre to get back into fitness.

Of course, if you’re already au fait with gym machines and you want to have a range of group classes and a more extensive selection of machines – then go for the gym. You already know what you’re doing and you’re probably responsible for your own motivation.

EMS Fitness is one of the premier personal training centres in Norwich. With a closed, intimate atmosphere, you’ll be the only person in the room alongside your trainer, with 100% focus on you. You won’t have to wait for a machine and there’s full anti-COVID measures on offer here – allowing you to train safely and take the right steps towards the healthy life of self-sustainment and leadership.

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