As we mentioned in our last blog posts – there are 3 key obstacles that could potentially trip up our efforts to stay positive and healthy. Overcoming each one is key in maintaining your fitness.

Moving from a gym routine with accountability and personal training back to home has its challenges, and if you manage to create the right base now you can weather this difficult time.

Regardless of the value of our behaviours, we learn by imitation. We follow those that inspire us, we copy activities that align with our goals and mission and eventually this leads to the result we receive from life.

Without question training at home is a completely new scenario for many of us. Having a degree of separation between our normal surroundings helps us achieve the right mindset to perform training activities. With so many distractions in the home it is possible to become overwhelmed and actually detach from normal life. The sofa, endless Netflix and worry can become a cycle if we’re not careful.

That’s why we’re trying our best to help you at EMS Fitness. As experts in our field we understand the materials, the mindset and the behaviours you need. We’re bringing all our experience to bear on supporting you through the next few months.

In the following weeks we’re going to be presenting two types of virtual trainingindividual and group sessions.

As you’d expect with individual sessions, the coach will be interacting with you alone.

And you can attend group sessions with a bunch of like-minded people who are focused on achieving a common training goal through a virtual chat room.

What interactive tools are we going to use? How will the courses take shape?

Wait for the next blog which will keep you connected with a variety of workouts and ways to keep in touch with the EMS trainers.