Hire a personal trainer is about getting stronger, healthier, fitter and burn excess body fat – faster. You’ll notice your body change gradually as you gain muscles and strength. But beyond becoming better at lifting – what other benefits can you derive from this type of activity?

Weight Management

Muscle is the energy burning engine that sits in the core of your body and works every time you make a movement. The bigger the muscle, the bigger the burn and the faster your metabolic rate will prosper. Getting active is the key to using up every one of those calories you consume on a daily basis and ensures you have the zing to last the longer workouts. You’ll always need a good diet, but choosing a positive lifestyle is easier when you’re strong and ready for it.

Injury Reduction

As you age, important joints in the hip and knee can suffer from fatigue and not be as sturdy as they were in our younger days of sport and tree climbing. Building up a strong muscular support system for every joint takes the pressure off and can prolong the life of your body. Overwork is a danger and it’s important to make sure you have a mixed workout to not inflame any individual joint in the body.

Boost your Bone Density

A good strength training program carefully applies weight unto your bones, helping build the core structure and develop density. These forces help your bones grow in a way that will support you in later life and allow you to consistently build your exercise plan, increasing to heavier weights.

Improved Heart Health

Why rely on cardio alone to boost your heart rate? Getting underneath some heavy metal puts healthy strain and stress on this important organ and resistance is a great way to get your rate going. The more you lift, the better your body is at pumping oxygen around the system and doing circuits and super sets can be a good way to balance out your mix of cardio and weights.

Positive Self Image

Using weights and training to shape your body can mean that you have a wider choice of clothes and get more confidence when you’re out and about. It’s not about being a bodybuilder or pumping out your muscles to high definition, but rather feeling comfortable in yourself and simply having a look that makes you feel happy. This can have a beneficial effect on your social life and your relationships.

And Finally

If you want to feel some of the benefits of a strong weight program, combined with good nutrition advice and cardio workout elements – then why not have a chat with Norwich’s premier private personal training service? Get down to EMS Fitness on King Street and talk to one of our experts who can put together a schedule of exercise to help you hit all your targets.