Training is one of the optimal tools that allows you to keep your body in a complete state of well-being. And to maximise the effectiveness of your work-outs at EMS Fitness we’ve developed a unique system that focuses on four key elements – helping you maintain total functionality and reduce your body’s age. These are:

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Strength

Why are these 4 Elements so Important?

Each one of these elements adds a vital and incredibly necessary element to your body’s health. Building a human body is liking building a house – you need firm foundations, strong brickwork, good internal systems for heat and water. In a similar way the four elements – mobility, stability, metabolic conditioning and strength combine to allow for good movement and posture.


  • Mobility

What is mobility? We can define it as the range of movement afforded to a joint allowing free rotation and extension without hindrance.

Training mobility allows you to explore, recover and extend your range of movement through action. Leave the Static stretches back in the 1990s and improve flexibility with exercises of mobility such as Scapulae Push-ups, Cat/Cow, Archer Squat, Spiderman Lunge & Reach, Squat & Reach, Backbridge and Shoulder Circles.

Sitting down at an office job where you perform repetitive tasks can reduce your range of mobility, making your body adapt to a less functional lifestyle over time. What happens if you lose mobility? Over time you can put excessive pressure on your joints and muscles, which can lead to injury, placing a burden on your quality of life.

  • Stability

If mobility is about movement then stability is almost its opposite – a resistance and strength that’s unmoveable in the face of pressure and external stimulus.

Stability is almost like a third leg that supports our body. As there are some joints that benefit from rotation, extension and movement – such as the foot, ankle and hip, other structures such as the lumbar and knee need to remain stable. Choosing exercise that promote stability is an essential part of training giving you good balance and a strong base for activity.

  • Metabolic Conditioning

Why is a good metabolism so important? Ensuring that your body can burn fat and energy is one thing, but did you know that upping your metabolism actually helps you lose weight and maintain your current levels of health when you’re fit?

By pushing over our aerobic limits we’re able to quickly boost our metabolic rate. Running at top speeds, climbing the stairs, jumping up on boxes, climbing hills at high speed on the bike – all these intense activities help allow us to burn energy at an increased level even when we’re not active. This process gives us more power to push through difficult tasks and helps prevent us from piling on the pounds.

  • Strength

As stability is about resisting movement, strength is about moving resistance and working against a load. To train for strength lift weights and increase the effort needed to complete exercises.

Strength is also about building muscle, which is the final piece of the picture. And muscle feeds into the other 3 aspects. Get strength to promote stability, mobility and boost that metabolic burn. It’s the basis of your calorific intake, hormonal balance and your enjoyment of sport. With great strength you can rejuvenate your body and with powerful, toned muscles you’ll look great too.


Develop a training schedule that embodies these four elements to maximise the benefits of your workouts and exercise. Change your training ideas – leave behind the old way of doing arm, chest, back and leg days and move to a more integrated training approach. Activate mobility and stability in all your exercise and aim to improv strength and metabolic conditioning.

Or alternatively work with an experienced trainer that understands how to weave all of these elements into a sophisticated pattern of activity – giving you the results you want from your workouts. Contact EMS Fitness today and we’ll help you maximise your MSMS for a better quality of life and health throughout 2020.