Everyone knows that working out and pumping your system is only part of the picture when it comes to weight loss. Diet plays a much more crucial role in shedding those pounds than lifting the pounds on the bench. You’ll need to create a calorie deficit to ensure that you’re using more energy than you’re taking in to successfully drop down on the scales – but what techniques and activities can you employ to get you there?

Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is one of the real enemies of weight loss and will trick your body into thinking you’re hungry, when really all you’re after is the empty calorie feeling of chocolate, soft drinks or some other sweet treat. We used to see fat as the enemy, but this has changed over the past decade or so with some experts claiming that one day sugar will be viewed in the same way that we view tobacco now.

When you eat sugar this causes your glucose levels to jump up and spike, which in turn leads to the false hunger alongside headaches and mood swings. This can pull you into a cycle of emotional instability and crash eating.

Start the Day the Right Way

Another way to ensure you don’t get crazy hunger pangs is by making sure that your body gets the right fuel from the moment you get up. Many people like to start the day with cereals and toast, but the real professionals prefer to go a little harder and always go for protein and fats to start their system. Eggs and bacon, which were once seen as a fatty choice actually give you a ton of energy to get through the day and stop you snacking on carbs and sugar to get that instant pick up.

Try Caffeine

Believe that caffeine gives you an energy boost? You might be onto something here as some experts claim that the dark stuff can up your metabolism by a whopping 3% to 11% helping you burn off the fat all day. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend having too much as this can leave you wide awake for far too long – a little coffee or tea in the morning can help you stay in shape all day.

Remove Alcohol

Everyone likes a drink sometimes, but habitually having a glass of wine or a couple of beers in the evening is a shortcut to weight gain. Not only is alcohol in its own right quite fattening, but you’ll also find that when you’ve had a few drinks you’re more prone to going and exploring the cupboards for a late night snack, which will put a real dint in your weight loss plans.

More Water

Believe it or not many people actually manage to confuse their thirst with hunger. We live in a society now where food is so freely available, that people sometimes cannot tell the difference between these two feelings. If you do start to feel a hunger pang coming on, then why not try having a glass of water as it might actually quell your desires.

Your Next Step

Want to lose weight as part of an ongoing commitment to a healthier lifestyle then EMS Fitness is the perfect place to start. Meet with Xavi or one of our other trainers who will be able to take you through all our services and explain how we can help you meet you goals and targets.