What is the thinking behind the training programmes we create at EMS Fitness Norwich? Why do we choose the different exercises? We have our own philosophy and beliefs – and in this post we’re going to explain them…

Firstly training needs to be individual and metered around your own goals. Our training team designs programmes that adapt to your personal targets, your physical limitations and strengths, your energy when you arrive at the gym and even the day of the week. This allows you to develop the power needed to take care of yourself physically. And the variation allows you to avoid repetition, and ensures that workouts are neither too intense nor easy.

What method do we follow? At EMS Fitness Norwich we’ve developed our own training method that works your functional and physical condition – or as we sometimes call it waking up your entire sportsperson. And to achieve this goal we adopt our own unique MSMS method.

The MSMS method is composed of 4 essential elements – mobility, stability, metabolic conditioning and strength, which form the basis of all our programs and exercises.

What do we mean by your entire sportsperson? We’re talking about someone who delays aging, maintains a young muscle mass, controls fat level – and this is where the MSMS system wins. They’re not a super specialist with a focus on strength, cardio or flexibility – but instead they develop good capacities in all these disciplines.

Our experience tells us that when someone focuses on one of these disciplines, it is generally at the detriment of the other two. For instance, someone dedicated to building massive endurance, with a focus on running or swimming will find that they struggle to develop maximum strength of flexibility. Equally people with high flexibility may lack strength and cardio. And everyone has seen the classic pictures of the bodybuilder obsessed with building muscle who can’t compete on cardio and has severely limited flexibility.

Someone who adopts the philosophy of the entire sportsperson can go with friends and walk round a field for five hours without tiring, play with the children in difficult poses, and move heavy furniture without risking back injury or pain. As personal trainers, we aim to provide all our clients with these physical resources, giving them a suitable balance of strength, stamina and mobility needed for an active daily life and sport.

How do you feel about your current workout schedule? Or has it become something of a regime? Do you feel you’re getting what you want out of your training – or is there too much focus on one element at the expense of others?
Restore your balance and get the exercise schedule needed to give you energy, motivation, flexibility and strength with EMS Fitness Norwich. Give out trainers a call today and we’ll be able to discuss an individual program of exercise and activities that hits all your goals and some that you didn’t even realise you had…